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PronoKal Diet

Lose weight fast.


A Scientific, safe and effective long term weight loss programme.


The Doctor, The Diet and You.

PronoKal Method - The Science

The Pronokal Method is a personalised weight loss treatment based on a strict programme that controls the intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals by the patient whilst reducing the ingestion of fats and carbohydrates. It is conducted under medical supervision and complemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (registered Dieticians, Psychological advisor and Personal training).

The method is divided into 3 stages:  acitve, re-education and maintainence. These 3 stages are designed to enable the patient to reach their desired weight and maintain this long term haviing acquired new knowledge, healthier eating habits and the introduction of physical excercise into their daily routine.


Active Stage (2-4 weeks)

The Doctor will perform a through health check and blood test to decide if the patient can engage in the treatment.

80% of the weight reduction takes place during this stage.

To achieve this the patient follows a diet composed of some vegetables and hydrolyzed protien products combined with the correct supplementation of vitamins and minerals. The consumption of carbohydrates and fats are restricted in order to induce a state of ketosis. This process means that most of the required energy is sourced from stored body fat. The result is a reduction in body fat. This stage is made easy to follow by the patient having ready made meals to eat - approximately 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.


Re-education Stage (4 weeks)

The second stage is characterised by the progressive introduction of different food groups in the diet allowing for the furhter 20% of the target weight loss to be achieved. The rate of weight reduction during this second stage is slower than in the first stage, which is essential to enable physiological adjustments and re-stabilization. Throughout this stage the dieticians will advise the patient and help in the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.


Maintenence Stage (2 years)

This third and final stage lasts two years, during which the patient will follow a completely normal and balanced diet under the dieticians supervision (free of charge) with the aim of maintaining healthy weight.

PronoKal FAQs


Q. How can I start the PronoKal Method?

A. You will need to make an appointment for a health check and blood tests by a doctor trained in prescribing the PronoKal Method. In our practice this will be Dr Ridley. This is mandatory for everyone. Dr Ridley will refer you to a PronoKal dietitian once the results of the tests are known. You can make contact with a PronoKal dietitian by telephone or Skype, but it would be best to visit the clinic in Central London in person for the first appointment in order to meet everyone and to taste and choose which products you would like.


Q. How much will the PronoKal Method cost?

A. The starting costs include an appointment with Dr Ridley and the blood tests. A few patients will also need to have an ECG to check their heart health. Starting costs will therefore vary from patient to patient but will generally be in the region of £150 – £300. The initial rapid weight loss phase involves eating/drinking PronoKal meal replacements 5 times per day, and cooking some vegetables at some meals. The initial cost for PronoKal products is approximately £17 per day during this initial phase. Part of this cost can be offset by the fact that you will not be shopping for much food during this time. The next phases involve gradually introducing different food groups with less reliance and therefore less expense on PronoKal products until you are eating normal food only.


Q. What happens if I just want to lose the weight to begin with, and not continue the PronoKal Method to the maintenance phase?

A. A number of people do just that. They want to lose weight for a forthcoming event and are not concerned with long term maintenance. Although we would recommend that you continue to get the most benefit, you can choose to leave the PronoKal Method at any time.


Q. Since this is a very low calorie diet, will I not be feeling hungry all the time?

A. The PronoKal Method is based on a normal protein diet, not a high protein diet. Protein makes you feel full and therefore hunger is not a real problem.


Q. What is the evidence that the PronoKal Method works?

A. You can find all the research studies on the PronoKal official website.


Q. Is there anyone who should not do the PronoKal Method?

A. People with certain medical conditions or taking certain medications are unsuitable for the PronoKal method and it may not be safe for them to do so. Your Doctor will advise you in this area.