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Patient Consulting Services


We aim to provide the highest standard consulting services to cover all aspects of General Practice.

For your benefit, we provide a longer Registration Consultation.  Here we can consolidate your previous health problems and current health status. This will enable us to fully personalise your treatment plan. Please book an intial Registration Consultation if you have not met us before.

We are also able to see you in a routine 15 minute appointment slot for more straight forward and uncomplicated problems, or a longer 30 minute appointment slot for multiple or more complex consultations. Our reception would be happy to dicuss your requirements at booking.

We offer child consultations for patients under 16 years.

Within our consultations it may be neccesary to order blood tests/imaging tests or take samples. Before any of these are undertaken the costs and any implications will be fully dicussed with you and will only be done with your consent.

You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan for your medical problem or problems, which is agreed with yourself and your practitioner. If this includes a prescription, a private script will be issued complimentary to the consultation. 

We also will provide a separate repeat private prescription service for your convenience. Charges apply, scripts will only be issued to registered patients who have been seen for a named condition on at least 3 separate occasions. 

Do you have any questions about our services?

Just give us a call on 01277 625 652