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As local NHS GPs, Dr Russell and Dr Ridley fully endorse the NHS but also appreciate the service limitations. We understand you may want to come and consult for many different reasons. You may wish to have a longer appointment, feel unhurried and relaxed in our pleasant environment, you may seek continuity with the same practitioner or simply wish to have a rapid, convenient appointment for private specialist referral. You can be confident that you will receive an outstanding level of service and care with both your agenda and health on our mind. We provide all the normal consulting services of your NHS GP but to suit you, with a large emphasis on preventative healthcare and well-being.

Child and Adult Immunisations

Russell and Ridley provide a range of vaccinations in order to assist in the prevention of serious childhood illness, as well as those that may develop in later life.

Please enquire if you require any further information stating your childs age to


Well Man Check

Current developments in the health policy arena are making early medical diagnosis a more topical issue than ever before.

We provide a fully comprehensive Well Man Check that can identify any such early medical conditions.


Well Woman Check

We provide a fully comprehensive Well Woman Check that can help identify early stage medical conditions. We are also able to perform a stand alone Cervical Smear examination for those who would prefer an annual check (a screening schedule in many countries) as opposed to the 3 years NHS recall.

We would recommend a smear test for any sexually active female irrespective of age. 

Fertility Testing

In general, it is appropriate to seek medical assistance after 12 months of unsuccessful conception. There may be many reasons why fertility testing would be desirable and we would be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and options. 

Pathology and Imaging Services

We provide same day phlebotomy and referral for imaging tests at local private hospitals.

The tests that are recommended will be discussed at consultation. Results have a rapid result turnaround. 

Allergy Testing

Millions of adults suffer from at least one allergy, with numbers continuing to rise. Each year the number of allergy sufferers increases by 5%.

We provide a whole host of Allergy Testing - the individual recommendations and costs can be discussed at consultation.