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1, King George Court, Billericay High Street, Essex,CM12 9BY

The Patient Journey at Russell & Ridley

What to expect from your first appointment

  • Please allow at least 45 minutes
  • Please indicate prior to your appointment if you wish to have a chaperone present for examination and if you have any difficulty with speech, hearing or require an interpreter
  • Feel welcome to bring a family member or friend with you if you wish
  • Limited parking is available at Russell & Ridley for disabled clients and the elderly
  • Other parking is readily available along Billericay High Street
  • You will be greeted by our receptionist Nigel
  • You will be asked to fill out a New Patient Registration Form. The form is enclosed below if you would prefer to fill it out prior to your visit and please inform us if you require any assistance
  • Please indicate if you would like to be addressed by your given name or family name, for client confidentiality we prefer not to use both in our reception area
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) are available on request & there will be water in the waiting area
  • You will be asked in by one of our Doctors to our private consulting room
  • Routine consultations last 15 minutes
  • Dr Russell or Dr Ridley will discuss your current concerns, past medical problems and operations at length
  • You will be asked about your current medications and allergies and it would be most helpful if you could bring a medication list along to the appointment
  • You will then be examined, as appropriate
  • A treatment plan will be formulated with your GP and follow up or onward referral suggested as necessary
  • It is often desirable or necessary to share information with your NHS GP. We will share information with your GP, only with your written and verbal consent
  • Payment will be taken at reception, directly following the consultation
  • Details of our fee structure are available on the website and at reception
  • Debit card, credit cards and cheques will be accepted
  • We prefer to limit cash on the premises for security reasons but are happy to accept if other payment options are difficult
  • We would very much appreciate patient feedback from your experience. If you have time following the consultation, there will be short electronic questionnaire at reception or a written comments book if you would prefer. We also have social network sites on facebook and twitter