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1, King George Court, Billericay High Street, Essex,CM12 9BY


Dr Ridley is now offering one hour functional medicine appointments - If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired please take our free 10min Functional Medicine Health Questionnaire or book an appointment to see Dr Ridley.




Opening times are Monday to Friday till late, and Saturday morning. Consultation is by appointment only, please use the on-line form or call for an appointment.



1 King George's Court, Billericay High Street, Essex, CM12 9BY

A Patient centred approach for an optimum state of health and well-being

Russell and Ridley is a Private Medical GP Clinic in Billericay, Essex. It is run by its founders, two very experienced GP's, Dr Katharine Russell and Dr Maddi Ridley.

Our approach is to focus on the individual, personalising  care to your unique needs and lifestyle.

We aim to provide the highest quality, effective consultations and bespoke treatment plans in relaxed surroundings and to make your visit to us as comfortable and productive as possible.

If it is difficult to see your GP during traditional Surgery hours, want more time to dicuss your health concerns and value a comprehensive approach,  or wish to take advantage of the services we provide over and above those that are available in the NHS, we are the Doctors for you.

With your permission we will send information to your registered NHS GP for your medical records.

If you have any questions please get in touch at and we will answer any queries in confidence.